Contacting Ronald

Presently I am enrolled in a rigorous, two-year pre-dental program at Tufts University. After that will be four years of dental school. This academic workload requires long stretches of uninterrupted focus, as does creating worthwhile content for this blog .

In order to promote my ability to perform what Cal Newport calls "deep work" I will be scaling back my digital social life.

As a result I will no longer be answering individual emails. If you would like to chat 1-on-1, please sign up for a paid consultation.

I encourage you to share any thoughts or questions for me as blog post comments so that my reply can be viewed by all visitors of this site.

Frequently my readers send me links to content they think I will find interesting and I love this. Please know that I am grateful for all good info sent my way, as well as ideas for posts, even if I am unable to respond to your original message.

I hope that you will benefit from my focus on creating the best possible content.

All the best wishes,


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