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Ronald Ead has saved me thousands of dollars and steered me towards long-awaited health solutions. I have been following his blog since learning about AGGA in 2016.

During two years of life-destroying sleep apnea and headache symptoms with little improvement, I was visiting dentists and doctors all over my home state, and fielding pitches for a variety of mouth devices I couldn’t afford.

I am so grateful that he shares his personal research in such an enthusiastic and user-friendly way. He gives science a good name by being transparent, detailed, and honest, in a context where so many practitioners are distracting with money and misinformation.

I was hesitant to spend the little money I do have on a consultation with someone who is not (yet) a medical professional, but it was actually the best investment I’ve made so far.

He answered all my scattered questions and perfectly synthesized his research and personal experience to provide me with nuanced information I couldn’t find anywhere else. With kindness, a sense of humor, and deep listening, Ronald eased this ‘headache’ and I feel so lucky to have gained a mentor and friend in this difficult and often isolating health journey. He is going to make an awesome dentist one day.
— Sasha
My consultations with Ronny have been an invaluable and critical part of my journey to resolving my sleep disordered breathing by addressing the underlying structural issues. The best thing about speaking with Ronny is that he’s also a patient; he’s (very recently) been where you are and understands how challenging it can be to navigate the world of addressing an undeveloped craniofacial complex. From recommending the orthodontist I’m currently in treatment with, to being a sounding board as I developed the best game plan for myself, without Ronny I would likely be undergoing a greatly inferior treatment.
— Max
I had been having bad neck posture and jaw issues that started slowly over the past few years and became very noticeable just recently. I sought out the help of Ronald given his own success with myofunctional therapy, Mewing and appliances. I scheduled a 60 minute consultation with him and he made me aware of the practices I need to put in place to get my neck, jaw and overall posture back into place via proper tongue posture and exercises geared toward fixing my problem. He was very thorough during our call and I will definitely be in contact with him again as my progress starts. Highly recommended!
— Rob
I really enjoyed talking to Ron.  He is a smart and ambitious guy.  He let me speak and he offered his honest opinion when I asked.  I admire his commitment and determination to deal with the physical and psychological pain he has had to endure in a positive and productive way.  His willingness to share his personal information like xrays and testimony are very valuable to anyone who is confused by the lack of agreement as to what constitutes good orthodontic and orthopedic care.  Finally, I just like him.  I think he values truth and honesty as much as anyone I’ve spoken with on this issue and many others.
— Jay
Ronald’s consultation service was a benefit to me. Migraine decompression surgery is a relatively new concept that can be very beneficial for select patients. I am one of those individuals and have had the surgery myself. I found Ronny through an internet search and saw his appearance on The Doctors. I quickly discovered that he had a mechanism by which individuals could reach out and discuss their migraine experience and ask him questions about how the surgical process went for him.  This was very encouraging for me as I was desperate to hear what the post-op patient experience was like. Ronny was very open with me and honest about his experience with migraine surgery. He understands the distinction between being a doctor and providing medical advice and what role he is for fulfilling thru this service.  You’ll find his perspective refreshing and it will not infringe on medical advice that you would seek from a physician.  Give him a call today!
— Zach