Dr. Ziv Peled Interviews Ronny

On May 9, 2019 I appeared as a guest on Dr. Ziv Peled’s Burning Migraine Questions show.

From Dr. Peled’s blog:

“In Episode 9 of Burning Migraine Questions, Ziv M. Peled, MD talks to Ronny Ead about what has happened since The Doctors was taped a year ago, why they didn't discuss Occipital Neuralgia or Trigeminal Neuralgia on the show and why these mechanically-triggered conditions are so under-diagnosed.

“They also discuss extra-cranial surgery being designated as the standard of care for head pain, when other treatment modalities have failed. Dr. Peled advocates for medical and paramedical practitioners coming together as a treatment team to address the chronic pain epidemic.”

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