8 Weeks with Controlled Arch

8 Week Controlled Arch Update

Before the current Controlled Arch phase of treatment shown in the images below, I wore the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA) for 44 weeks.

The photos below were taken on November 16, 2018, 8 weeks into the Controlled Arch phase of my treatment. Week 6 photos can be seen here.

Observations at Week 8:

  • Right premolar continues to move much faster than left in braces

  • When food gets caught in the NEW gap created by the braces (between premolar and molar) it is quite painful.

  • Spoke with Dr. Kundel about maxillary tilt and he says we will discuss in detail at next appointment Thanksgiving week.

  • Eating meat with FRLA is very burdensome but do-able. The tongue needs to be used constantly during meal to release meat that gets caught between arch and roof of mouth.

    • Still eating 95% carnivore and feeling as good as ever.

  • Included at bottom of post are photos of current state of incisor flaring. Seems to be improved with Controlled Arch phase of treatment.


Status of Incisor Flaring

Flaring seems to be improving with Controlled Arch phase of treatment.


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