6 Weeks with Controlled Arch

6 Week Controlled Arch Update

Before the current Controlled Arch phase of treatment shown in the images below, I wore the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA) for 42 weeks.

Week 4 photos of the Controlled Arch can be seen here.

Things are be going slow but steady.

Some observations at week 6:

  • My right premolar is moving faster than left in braces

  • The acrylic has fallen off of the sharp edge of the band around my left molar and I now need to use orthodontic wax to protect my tongue.

  • Incisor flaring seems to be improving:

    • When Fixed Lingual Arch (FRLA aka Controlled Arch) was first installed there was space between the front of it and the roof of my mouth. That space has closed.

    • This backward movement of the front of my maxilla may explain improvement in tilting.


Questions? Speculations? Aesthetic analysis of my face? Post it below in the comments! Don't worry, I've got thick skin.

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