42 Weeks with AGGA: Rapid Growth Continues

Is non-surgical maxillary growth possible in adults?

These photos were taken on 09/03/2018, 42 weeks into my treatment with the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA). You can see my week 40 photos here.

These past two weeks my maxilla has continued to remodel forward at an above average pace.

In my week 40 post I speculated that one reason for the increased rate of growth may be my new carnivore diet.

Carnivore diet - Today marks exactly 8 weeks of eating 95-98% meat and eggs.

I'll let Mikhaila PetersonDr. Shawn Baker and others defend the nutritional component of this diet.

This article, sent to me by a reader, makes a strong argument that meat consumption can be a tremendous nutritional boon for bone health. 

What I'm most interested in here is the mechanical component of meat-eating, which is really quite straightforward. I chew between 32oz-45oz of steak everyday and that is a heck of a lot of intraoral stimulation.

Many carnivores do not or cannot practice thorough mastication of meat.

For example, when I asked one reader about his experience with chewing and the carnivore diet, he said:

"There was a while where I was having to take tiny bites and could barely chew (my bite is also awful). Luckily, [humans] are really good at digesting meat, so we can just swallow it and let our digestive system liquify it."

Whether or not it is true that our bodies are particularly good at chemically processing meat, I myself strongly emphasize mechanically breaking it down through mastication.

I've been a practitioner of Fletcherism for 5 years and am now applying that philosophy to meat eating.

Horace Fletcher (1849-1919), also known as "The Great Masticator." He was born in Lawrence, MA, where I grew up. 

Horace Fletcher (1849-1919), also known as "The Great Masticator." He was born in Lawrence, MA, where I grew up. 

For the first few weeks my muscles became fatigued mid meal but now by the end of a 16oz steak I feel like I'm just getting warmed up.

Fletcherizing meat is a blast and I'm sure it will be even better once my occlusion comes together during the "controlled arch" phase of treatment.

And I still think more powerful tongue forces are another contributing factor to the rapid growth.

With all the new mouth space, my tongue and neck posture keep getting stronger and more consistent.

Each day as my mouth grows bigger, my tongue provides more and more stimulation to my palate. This increased stimulation in turn makes my mouth grow even larger.

It's a heck of a cycle to be in.

Here are the photos. All measurements have been taken with feeler gauges.

A New View

For anyone who still doubts that my maxilla is in fact moving forward in space, I present the following photos.

All photos were taken on 09/02/2018.

The photos on the left show my mandible in its new, "forward" position. 

But in the photos on the right I intentionally allow my mandible to go slack and bite into its old, recessed position. 

With my new, farther-forward maxilla my old mandible position looks severely recessed and results in a massive overbite.

All Smiles, Some Tilt

It is what it is.

The tilting is not getting worse and I expect it to be completely corrected during the controlled arch phase of treatment.


Questions? Speculations? Aesthetic analysis of my face? Post it below in the comments! Don't worry, I've got thick skin. We're all here learning together.

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