4 Weeks with Controlled Arch

4 Weeks with Controlled Arch

Week 2 photos can be seen here.

With the shift from AGGA to Controlled Arch comes a shift in emphasis from forward growth to widening.

Therefore I have added photos highlighting my smile and occlusion, so that we can all keep better track of any widening that occurs.

I spent an hour today messing with a Vernier caliper and a small metric ruler trying to find a good way to measure my intermolar width. I don’t think it is possible to get a reliable, reproducible measurement.

There are bands around my first molars which are preventing me from taking an intermolar measurement there.

I do have my intermolar width from before the start of treatment. It is 35.6mm. When braces are removed I will take another measurement of intermolar width and the final results will be published.

Other noteworthy things: my maxilla definitely seems to be canted (i.e. tilted). I’m fairly certain AGGA caused this. I did a video on it earlier today if you are interested in deeper discussion on that.

Here are the photos. Keep an eye on widening as well as on the premolars which have come forward over a millimeter since the start of braces, closing that original AGGA gap.

Also, I’m still carnivore. It’s been 3 months 1 week of a 98% meat only diet and I have no plans to change anytime soon. I’ve never done an eating regiment so easy and that doesn’t involve really cravings for any other foods at all.


Questions? Speculations? Aesthetic analysis of my face? Post it below in the comments! Don't worry, I've got thick skin.

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