38 Weeks with AGGA

Is non-surgical maxillary growth in adults possible?

These photos were taken on 08/07/2018, 38 weeks into my treatment with the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA). You can see my week 36 photos here.

There was not as much growth these past two weeks compared to the two weeks prior. This may be because the AGGA spring no longer has much tension on it since it was adjusted 4 weeks ago on July 10th and there's been almost a whole millimeter of growth since that adjustment. My next adjustment is scheduled for August 16th.

* Tooth gaps measured using feeler gauges.

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Even with continued growth of the AGGA gaps tilting of the incisors does not seem to be getting worse. If anything it seems to be reducing. I'm not as concerned about it now as I once was.

The first smile photo does seem to show a slight amount of roll in the maxilla.

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