VIDEO: Prayers Answered, Migraines Cured - A Pilgrimage to Lebanon

In late May/early June 2018 I visited my ancestral village in Lebanon because my Lebanese grandmother had made a vow that if migraine surgery were to cure me of my chronic headaches, that I would travel from America to pay homage to two ancient churches there.

In this video I will discuss my pilgrimage to Aqoura, Lebanon as well as the role spirituality played in my being cured of chronic headaches this past year. I will also discuss the spiritual underpinnings of my decision to accept the admissions offer to the Tufts Postbac Premed Program with linkage to the Tufts School of Dental Medicine.

Ten million thanks to Dr. Ziv Peled who performed the migraine surgeries mentioned in the video. Without his brilliant headache expertise and super skilled hands I would still be suffering right now. 


With Dr. Ziv Peled, my migraine surgeon. This was just 3 days after my second migraine surgery (this procedure  was to decompress my eyes and temples) which is why my face is so swollen.


Aqoura, Lebanon

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