VIDEO: How to Heal a Lip Tie Release

On May 10, 2018 Dr. Leonard Kundel performed a lip tie release on both my upper and lower lips. For the next 30 days I followed a strict regiment of lip stretches in order to ensure proper healing.

This post will show you what it takes to heal successfully from a lip tie release.

Why Did I have a Lip Tie Release?

After using his fingers to examine the junction of my gums and lips on the inside of my mouth, Dr. Kundel determined that I had a lip tie. He further inferred that this lip tie was holding back my maxilla and preventing the achievement of forward maxillary movement using the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA)

Actually, this was my second lip tie release with Dr. Kundel. The first occurred on June 1, 2017 alongside a tongue tie release. However my failure to keep up with my post-operative exercises resulted in that lip tie release relapsing. 

A lip tie or tongue tie relapse means that after surgery the lips (or tongue) heal into their original, constricted position, not into a new, elongated, released position. This occurs as a result of insufficient tongue/lip exercising and stretching following the procedure.

In this video I will teach you everything you need to know about healing successfully from a lip tie release.


Successful Lip Tie Healing in the First Month After Surgery


Lip tie (and tongue tie) releases are very painful and you don't want to go through it more than once (like I had to).

Perform the stretches shown in the video above several times per day for the first month after your release. This kind of fanatical dedication to stretching is necessary to heal properly and prevent relapse of a lip tie or tongue tie release. 

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