36 Weeks with AGGA: Unprecedented Growth

Is palatal expansion in adults possible?

These photos were taken on 07/24/2018, 36 weeks into my treatment with the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA).

Dr. Kundel re-tensioned my AGGA on 07/10/2018, two weeks ago. Before that AGGA had not been re-tensioned since 03/28/2018, and that was only a partial re-tensioning.

These past two weeks with AGGA finally re-tensioned after a greater than 3 month hiatus I experienced more maxillary movement than in any two week period up to this point. In just two weeks my left AGGA gap grew .7mm and my right AGGA gap grew .4mm. This is an unprecedented amount of movement.

You can see my week 34 photos here.

* Tooth gaps measured using feeler gauges.

Why did so much movement occur these past 2 weeks?

Lip Tie Release? On 05/10/2018 Dr. Kundel performed an upper and lower lip tie release. He did so out of concern that my upper lip was tied and therefore holding back my maxilla. Could releasing my lips have had such a significant impact on the movement of my maxilla?

Carnivore Diet? For the past 14 days I have been on a carnivore diet eating only beef (jerky, steak, burger patties), chicken, fish and eggs. This meat-only diet is having its moment right now and is on the tongues of many YouTubers and other Internet personalities such as Joe Rogan, Dr. Shawn Baker, and blogger Michaela Peterson

But I have not yet heard any of the carnivores talk about the craniofacial aspect of this way of eating. Eating meat and only meat really puts the jaws and teeth to the test. My face has never been challenged like this before even with Falim and mastic gum chewing.

Could masticating so much meat trigger this accelerated growth? Let's wait and see if the faster-than-normal expansion continues alongside my ongoing carnivore experiment.

Incisors Tilting at 36 Weeks

The tilting is still noticeable but does not seem to be worsening. We will continue to monitor it and proceed with caution.

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