25 Weeks with AGGA

Is palatal expansion in adults possible?

These photos were taken on 05/05/2018, 25 weeks into my treatment with the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA). Click here to compare with my week 22 photos.

What you will find is that almost no growth has occurred in the past 3 weeks.

This is because Dr. Kundel did not reset my appliance at my last visit on 03/28/2018 due to concerns about tilting of the front teeth. By not resetting the appliance he is slowing the rate of expansion. According to him growth is occurring too fast in my case.

In the 2 weeks after that last appointment, growth slowed. In weeks 3-5 since the appointment the only growth that has occurred is 1/10 of a millimeter on the left side, which is probably within the margin of error of my measurement method using plastic feeler gauges. So it's possible that growth has ceased completely the past 3 weeks.

I did not do a week 24 update because I took measurements that week and saw that no change had occurred since week 22, and knew that there would be no change until Dr. Kundel adjusted my AGGA again at my upcoming appointment.

Furthermore I had a second migraine surgery on April 21st and took the week to recover. More on this soon.

This week I have again included photos which show the tilting of my incisors (front teeth) that is occurring as a result of AGGA.

According to Dr. Kundel and other LVI dentists the tilting is not a safety concern and it will be corrected during the "controlled arch braces" phase of treatment. Still, I would caution readers to wait and see how my case plays out before seeking their own AGGA treatment.

* Tooth gaps measured using feeler gauges.

Incisors Tilting with AGGA

The following photos show that there is definitely some tilting of the incisors occurring with AGGA.

But what exactly is tilting? The teeth? The bone buttressing the teeth? Is this unsafe? Will it be corrected with controlled arch braces?

As I have said before, I am experiencing absolutely no pain or any sense of pressure or tension on these teeth which makes the whole thing even more mysterious. With my acrylic Sagittal appliances, all my teeth hurt so much that I could barely chew cashews without quitting due to pain. With AGGA I feel nothing.

I trust Dr. Kundel and LVI and am experiencing so much benefit from AGGA in terms of tongue space and neck posture that I will continue AGGA treatment in spite of this red flag, albeit with caution.