22 Weeks with AGGA

Is palatal expansion in adults possible?

These photos were taken on 04/13/2018, 22 weeks into my treatment with the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA). Click here to compare with my week 20 photos to see how much growth occurred the past two weeks.

There was below-average growth these past two weeks, probably because Dr. Kundel did not reset my appliance at my last visit on 03/28/2018 due to concerns about tilting of the front teeth. By not resetting the appliance he is slowing the rate of expansion. According to him, growth is occurring too fast in my case.

This week I have included photos which show the tilting of my incisors (front teeth) that is occurring as a result of AGGA.

This tilting, and a general ambivalence about the safety of AGGA, was the subject of last week's post. My official stance on this matter is unchanged: I cannot recommend that others pursue AGGA treatment until either my own case plays out safely or LVI satisfies my request for proof that this device does not cause harm as it creates forward maxillary movement.

* Tooth gaps measured using feeler gauges.

Incisors Tilting with AGGA

There is some tilting of the incisors. It's definitely not extreme, but it is there. There is no pain and only slight sensitivity of the front teeth.