16 Weeks with Adult Palate Expander

Is palatal expansion in adults possible? Yes, and here is proof.

These photos were taken on 03/2/2018, 16 weeks into my treatment with the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance. My week 14 photos can be seen here.

Facial Growth and Migraine Headaches

This appliance creates soft tissue stimulation in the palate that triggers bone growth throughout the face. It is the best tool available to adults for correcting abnormal facial growth that began in infancy.

By growing the face, this appliance makes proper tongue posture possible. Proper tongue posture is necessary for proper neck posture. Adopting healthy neck posture prevents occipital nerve damage, which is the direct cause of migraine headaches in cases like mine.

The GIF below is evidence that true forward maxillary growth is occurring. Watch my upper lip. Change can be seen in several areas if you watch closely. 


* Tooth gap measured using feeler gauges.