2 Weeks with Controlled Arch Braces

The Mysterious “Controlled Arch” Braces Finally Revealed

After exactly 10 months and 12 days, my Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA) was removed. In total I achieved 9.8mm on the left side and 8.2mm on the right.

On September 21, the same day that AGGA was removed, Dr. Kundel installed Controlled Arch braces.

The purpose of the braces is to bring the rear teeth forward to occupy the new maxillary bone created by AGGA. If I decide to do implants, only the first premolars will be brought all the way forward and a gap will be left on each side between those premolars and the first molars, which will be filled with the implants.

I’m not certain but I believe in the photos below we can already see a gap forming between the first molar and the premolar, which is reducing the size of the original AGGA gaps.

The “Controlled Arch,” a wire placed behind the teeth, is meant to provide a widening force. AGGA mostly created forward growth, and the Controlled Arch is supposed to add width.

Right now my maxilla is narrower than my mandible, so we will widen it until my occlusion is correct. You can see that clearly in this first image of my new braces.

Notice how the right side of my maxilla (the left side of the photo) is narrower than the mandible below it. This needs fixing.

controlled arch braces agga fagga

Yep, I’m that 28 year old with braces…


At my next appointment a “Controlled Arch” will also be placed behind my lower teeth in order to upright them. We had to take an impression of my lower arch so that we could order a custom arch for it as none of the generic ones fit.

At that time braces will also be added to my lower teeth.

The photos below show movement that has occurred in my first 2 weeks with Controlled Arch Braces. Interestingly, the left AGGA gap, which had always grown faster than the right, is now shrinking faster than the right.

I have no clue why.


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