12 Weeks with Controlled Arch

12 Week Controlled Arch Update

Before the current Controlled Arch phase of treatment shown in the images below, I wore the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA) for 44 weeks.

The photos below were taken on December 15, 2018, 12 weeks into the Controlled Arch phase of my treatment. Week 8 photos can be seen here.

Updates and Observations at Week 12:

  • Dr. Kundel has removed my upper FRLA (Controlled Arch) as part of his accelerated effort to correct my maxillary cant (the diagonal tilt of my upper teeth).

    • This cant can be seen in the smile photos below. It has existed for several months.

  • Dr. Kundel disagrees with the hypothesis put forth in my last video update that the cant was caused by AGGA growing my left side almost 1.5mm more than the right side.

    • He thinks my entire maxilla is tilted.

    • He thinks this is unrelated to asymmetries in AGGA growth.

  • So Dr. Kundel removed the upper FRLA at my last appointment on December 7 and placed a firm metal band inside of the brace brackets.

    • This firm band is supposed to correct the cant.

  • Because the upper FRLA is no longer in place, there is no elastic tension pulling the upper rear molars forward.

    • This is why there has not been much growth in the new gap forming as a result of the upper molars being dragged forward

    • Without an FRLA, trying to pull those molars forward will result in the front teeth being pulled back instead (aka AGGA progress relapsing).

    • One of the main purposes of the Controlled Arch is to prevent the front teeth from going backward while pulling the molars forward with braces.

    • Supposedly the FRLA/Controlled Arch also plays a role in creating lateral maxillary expansion (widening of the upper arch) but I do not feel like much of this has occurred.

  • The lower FRLA (Controlled Arch) was installed on November 21. See image below.

    • The reason it was not installed along with the upper FRLA back on September 21 is because none of the stock arch wires Dr. Kundel had fit my mandible, so a custom FRLA had to be ordered.


Lower FRLA (Controlled Arch). This is a view of my lower teeth/mandible on 12/1/2018.

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