I'm Ronald Ead and I’m a 28-year-old postbac pre-dental student at Tufts University.

After earning my B.A. in philosophy from Bates College in 2012 I spent 4 years attempting to ordain as a Buddhist monk in the Thai Forest Tradition.

During that time I also worked as a carpenter, electrician, stonemason and, ultimately, as a certified BMW technician.

My experience of being (mostly) cured of a 13 year chronic migraine condition inspired me to share news of my recovery with the world. That’s why I decided to create this website and pursue a career in dentistry.

Some photos:


Key Ideas

1) Migraines vs. Neuralgia: For 13 years my headaches were misdiagnosed as “chronic migraines” when in reality I suffered from occipital and trigeminal branch neuralgia. “Migraines” are caused by a chemical imbalance within the brain. Neuralgia refers to a mechanical compression of peripheral nerves in the neck, eyebrows, temples and forehead.

2) Migraine Surgery to Treat Neuralgia: Headaches caused by mechanical nerve compression (i.e. neuralgia) can be treated with “migraine surgery.” This procedure involves mechanical release of nerves from compressing structures such as scar tissue, spastic muscle or abnormal blood vessels.

3) Root Cause of Neuralgia is Dental: How did “migraine”-causing nerves become compressed in the first place? Abnormal facial growth beginning in infancy results in an obstructed airway. We maladapt to the obstructed airway by adopting compressed neck posture. Compressed neck posture over a lifetime leads to nerve damage and headaches.

4) Orthodontics Treats Root Cause of Neuralgia: Orthodontic treatment is necessary for correcting the compressed neck posture which leads to neuralgia. At one point I thought the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA) was the right tool for this job but I no longer believe that.

5) I thought AGGA was the holy grail of adult orthodontics, but now I think MSE and jaw surgery may be better options for reaching my health goals: Addressing every aspect of an underdeveloped craniofacial complex is far too much to ask of any single appliance, even AGGA. Only MSE combined with jaw surgery can provide forward and lateral expansion of the maxilla and mandible, expand the nasal airway, expand the mid-face, and correct the angulation of the maxilla.

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